Friday, April 25, 2003

Bleah. Had 2 papers today - SEA landscape, and Molecular Bio... Man... SEA really sucked. A good 3/4 of the stuff I crapped out for the 3 essays over 2 hours were... basically my own opinions. 12 weeks of lectures to take an exam in which I list my own crappy opinions?! It's a NUS thing, I tell you. Only NUS is capable of a module like that. Ok ok. So it could have been better. As was with Molecular Bio. That could definitely have been better. Way better. If only I had been exuberantly consistant in reading all the readings and paid attention during lectures and... and... well. Lotsa of other things I should have done. Listening to Willow Tree by Plumb now. Great song. Was crazy over it for quite a while, until the inevitable happened - I overdosed myself on it. Heh.

Still have ONE more paper to go. Statistics, on Wednesday. Which gives me a grand total of 4 days to... practice, practice, and practice. I really don't want to mess up another paper. Not after today. Actually this is all very much like a replay of last semester, isn't it? Grrrr... But in the midst of it all, I'm really grateful for all the subtle support and encouragement my friends have given me, in addition to having to put up with my complaining and freaking out, etc. This is the first time in Uni that a few of us have been studying together in the library for the exams. Rather reminiscent of the times in junior college!

A friend just introduced me to Lemmings. It's this game where you try to guide the lil' critters to the exit by assigning them various jobs. Well, and you know how lemmings are, everybody just leaps off the cliff into the sea. (At least that's what they are known for) Pretty fun game. Only grouse is that they show up really small on the screen. So that kind of serves as a limit to how long I can play the game for. Which isn't too bad if you come to think about it.

Had this really weird dream the night before the Biod paper. Haha. Dreamt that I was trying to classify vampires according to the Linnaeus system... (can their fangs be equated to chelicera?) *shrugs* I wonder how Freud would have interpreted that one. Heh. Well thought I'd just include it now since I forgot to in the last entry.
Gonna bum the rest of today (tonight, rather) away. Tomorrow's gonna be a brand new day...

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