Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Well well. Had some problems with publishing my blog last night. Something to do with their site being down. But all seems to be in order now. Haha. My biodiversity paper's tomorrow. Gonna do my final round of cramming for it today. Sigh. I'm such a dope. As if I hadn't learnt the value of consistancy when it comes to school. So now my slacking the semester away has paid of in me being utterly overwhelmed with a Mt Everesque pile of info to stuff into my brain. Man... Gonna miss this biod module. Do love it so despite having to face the "could've been's" and "possibly's" of the THEORY of evolution (which many, many lecturers tend to adopt as fact). I mean, which other module has allowed me to handle a snake, leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius! Eublepharis macularius!) and a variety of other... urm.... ancient and long-dead specimens... (well ok so a slimy, decolourised hagfish, dead for donkey years, isn't as appealing as a leopard gecko.) I sense shivers going down my friends spines as I'm typing this. Haha. Just for the record, it's rather traumatising when after a day of revision in Central Library, you find yourself analysing why the mushroom on your dinner plate is a basidiomycete and not anything else, like an Ascomycete or... a Mollusc?! It's DINNER. Dinner's supposed to be a break away from the day's events. I mean, I never ever encountered an instance like this during the A'levels revision. Did I start wondering about the vascular system of the sugarcanes stacked along the wall of the drinks stall??? NO. And look at me now! Blabbering about mushrooms and sugarcane when it's already 5min past 8am. Gotta hop down to the library soon. Heh.

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