Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Aiiiieeeeeeeeee! Ok, ok! *claps hands over ears* Quit bugging me about blogging my blog, Candice! Whoops! *claps hand over mouth* Heh. I kinda thought I'd maintain some degree of anonymity with regards to the identities of my friends. But looks like that's not gonna happen. Haha...

Well anyway... it's been.. 6 or so days since my last paper. Gone shopping, stayed home, and basically did nothing else. Bummer. Waiting for ppl to watch X Men 2 with. Oh, and did I mention what a cool movie i think The Matrix is? Yes yes. I'm not the sort who's up-to-date with the hottest movies of the season. So I only watched it like... 3 years after its release in the theatres... *grin*

Let's see now... Gonna be stuck with twice-weekly tuition sessions for this month, so that rules out taking on a job of sorts for this month, not that I'm looking for one anyway... Hrm. Oh yes. What do I intend to do with my 3 months of hols? Get off my big fat butt and start on an exercise regime, for one. A bovine friend ought to be nodding in gleeful agreement when reading this... Ooh. And there's been this idea forming at the back of my mind about booking a stall at a flea market. At least that would be something to occupy myself with in place of a proper job. In addition to the numerous things I'd planned on doing during the hols! Like... Bungee jumping! Naw... So I'm kidding. Actually, I think I'm rambling. Oh yes. I AM rambling. No definite structure and focus to what I'm blogging now... Whee...

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