Wednesday, May 07, 2003

*does a little victory dance*

Make that two little victory dances... =p First of all, my mum has not thrown Squee out of the house. YET. Ah, she's an animal lover deep down within, I know that. Despite all the negative remarks she's made and stuff. The SECOND victory... Spunky Squee just took in 2ml of milk formula!!! Yes yes, the vet said 1ml every hour. Wasn't too sure that all of the 1ml in the syringe went down his throat the first time, so I gave him a second dose, which he drank every single drop of! Whoopee! There's hope! We'll hydrate you soon enough, you wee lil' Squee. *grins with joy* Seemed like he just needed time to get used to drinking milk out of a syringe. The first attempt didn't go too well (most of the milk dribbled down his chin), and neither did the one at the vet's (He wasn't interested). But looks like he's caught on now!

Thank God...

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