Thursday, May 08, 2003

Hai. Looking after a kitten isn't an easy matter. Especially not when I've to keep shoving food down its mouth. No problem with food when it comes to big ol' Richie. My mum claims he'd probably become withdrawn due to the presence of the kitten. I'm... lost for words. Oh well. He DID seemingly refuse to even look at Squee when he was carried over to where Squee was. Like he was in self-denial that there's a kitten in the toilet. Silly ol' cat. I love you so.

Heh. I'd set my handphone to wake me up at 2 hour intervals throughout the night. I only woke up and fed Squee with milk at the first alarm. Ignored the other 2. Argh... I look at Richie. So big and robust when compared to Squee. Who's so small. Palm-sized. Who can't even walk properly. He just tumbles around after a few unsteady steps. Who doesn't seem to be able to eat on his own. Sigh... I really wonder if I'm up to this. Even though I do have the time and all...

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