Thursday, May 08, 2003

I feel relieved. Squee actually peed on his own this afternoon. After so much milk and canned food, there had BETTER be some output. Heh. But he's still such a bag of skin and bones. I think he's kinda underdeveloped for a kitten his age. Guess I'll just have to learn a lesson of patience. Can't expect a kitten to balloon into a roly-poly ball of fur overnight!

Haha. Lookie here at the new addition to the right of my blog page. A chatterbox! Aye. Thanks Candice, for coming over to help set it up! *sheepish grin* Oh, which reminds me. One of the things I wanted to do during the hols was to learn HTML. Sigh. A lot of the things I do now are restricted in a sense cause I've to keep thinking about Squee. Like I can't just leave the house for half the day on a whim. Squee still needs to be fed his milk formula! And be checked upon every now and then. It's painful to see his eyes in their current state. They're clouded over, not bright and clear like they ought to be. And he isn't eager to open them fully. I think it hurts when he tries to. Hrm. You know, maybe I'm not cut out to be a vet, inasmuch as that's like one of my biggest dreams. Get too upset easily when I see animals in pain...

On a brighter note, at least Squee seems to take some sort of interest in his surroundings when he's awake. He'll respond to sounds, and you can see him sniffing in the air at times. His sense of sight is definitely far from optimal. Have a hunch that all he can see are shadow-like forms, if anything at all. *face crumbles*

Hai. Well, another round of eye ointment and antibiotics due in a couple of hours. Must say that there's a noticable reduction in mucous discharge. In fact, hardly any at all for the past few hours...!

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