Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I found a kitten on my way home today. Under the block of flats near my area. Have absolutely no idea what madness seized me to pick it up and bring it home. After trying to squirt milk down its throat with a syringe, to no avail, I then brought it to the VET. Oh dear. Yvonne. This is quite unlike you. Not that you never wanted to bring poor, hapless, sick kittens to the vet. But you just never did. Eep. Guess there's a first for everything.

Well, wat worried me mostly was that it had mucous discharge at its eyes and nose.... A symptom of cat flu. Which is contagious. Which was why I was worried. For Richie's sake. And the kitten's, of course... Anyhoo... Waited an exasperating 1 hour at the vet's before it was my turn. Or Squee's turn. At least that's what I'm naming the kitten, for now. Till I can find him a home. Then of course it'd be up to the new owner to call him watever name he/she thinks fit. But back to Squee. Vet said he ought to be around 5 weeks old. Slightly dehydrated. Suggested I checked him in for observation overnight. Which would cost me. So I settled for the alternative of self-medicating him and taking on the responsiblity of squirting milk down his wee little throat every hour, for the next few days or so. To hydrate him. I've to apply this eye ointment on him, plus give him antibiotics mixed into his food, twice a day. Hope he'll take well to it. Hope he'll at least survive. Well, I believe there's some spunk in this one. Ok, so I hope there's some spunk in this one, anyway.

In the process of coming to an agreement of sorts with my mum, who of course is unhappy that I'm putting Richie at risk. I really don't intend to keep Squee. (HEAR THAT, ppl out there? There's a FREE kitten for adoption here!!!) I do intend, however, to at least give Squee a helping hand, a second chance in life. I foresee a problem that I MAY get attached to Squee in the process of caring for him till he's better. But I suppose I'll have to guard myself against that. (Pls pls pls, somebody. ANYBODY, who has a heart and space for a kitten... Adopt Squee and make the world a better place! Ok. Maybe that won't happen. The world being a better place, that is. But I guarantee you, the kind-hearted-soul-who-would-adopt-Sqee, lotsa fun and love in taking care of a feral kitty...)

My mum just came home. Time to face the music... and to take a stand and defend Squee's right to live.

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