Wednesday, May 14, 2003

It's been one week. Brought Squee back to the vet for a review this evening. Vet says he's doing alright, no need to worry about his weight cos he'll catch up in time to come. Oh. And some not very good news... Squee's got some slight scaring on the cornea of one of his eyes. Which means he won't have a perfect vision like Richie. Do I feel distraught? Upset? Well, not really. I did feel kinda sad at first when the vet told me, but hey, at least he's getting better. *shrugs* That's life, ain't it...? Anyway, he's not gonna be totally blind. He managed to climb onto the foot stool in the toilet just now. Don't ask me how he did it.

*wry grin* That kitten is such a sucker for cuddles. Even after stuffing him with food, he would mew continuously till I hold him cupped in my 2 hands. It's so weird. I fed and medicated him in the beginning with the intention that I wasn't gonna keep him. So in a way I kinda detached myself emotionally from him. Then after my mum said to keep him... (Yes, she is so serious about keeping Squee. Even called to brief me on what I should ask the vet!) Heh... Well let's just say it's not an immediate thing, that I feel for Squee as much as I feel for Richie. But I feel SOMETHING. Haha... Not like I'll be all coo-ey and gaga over Squee. There'll be times when I'll be tired and he's not cooperating, like when he pees again just when I'm cleaning up an earlier mess... But yea, it melts my heart during those times when he lies so still and contented in my hands, or when he toddles over and just plonks himself near my feet. Or when he starts batting at them with his little paws.

Oh did I mention that Richie nigh bolted when Squee toddled toward him today? *chuckles*

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