Saturday, May 10, 2003

Note to self: Pls remember to whack Squee across the nose the next time he bites you.

Yeesh. Here I am trying to apply eye ointment on him and he goes "MEW!" and the next moment I'm yelling "YEOW!"... Ok. Maybe 'whack' sounds harsh. A smart tap across the nose, then? Read somewhere that mother cats tap their kitten's noses with their paws whenever they need to be disciplined. Heh.

It's amazing how much pee that kitten can hold in his bladder. Haha... He emptied a whole pool of pee after gobbling down a teaspoonful of canned food.

Ooh. Went cycling in East Coast Park with my friends yesterday afternoon. Enjoyed it immensely. Haven't been out, as in out OUT, not 'shopping' OUT, for so long!!! To feel the breeze blowing in my face as we cycled along the bicycle paths, down to the jetty, zooming down slopes, etc... Think it's been more than a year since I've been to East Coast man... Felt kinda wobbly when I got on the bike. Haha, yea, it's been THAT long. But the outing meant leaving Squee on his own for a good 5 hours. He was pretty hysterical when I lifted the lid of the shoebox. Sigh. My mum chided me for that. Ok. No more going out for long periods of time for now. My life is like revolving around Squee!!! Eurgh. Do I rue the day I took him in? Maybe. Maybe not. It's a pretty satisfying experience...

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