Sunday, May 11, 2003

Squee was such a good kitten this morning. Drank his milk formula without much fuss, snuffled down the canned food, and he LET ME APPLY HIS EYE OINTMENT without even attempting to nip me! I was so pleasantly surprised. *beams* Progress is seemingly good. Peeing pretty regularly, and finally pooped for the first time. He doesn't squint as much, though his eyes are still kinda clouded over. *whispers* I think he knows all that eye ointment and antibiotics are for his own good!

Youth service at ACJC in the morning as usual. We've undergone a revamp, officially known as the Tackle Box. They use halogen bulb lighting to create this really cosy atmosphere in Lt 2 now. Was sitting there whilst the band was running through the songs before service, don't really know how to describe it but this warm, solemn sort of feeling just came over me when the band was playing Petra's Send Revival...

Came back in time for lunch bought from Chinatown. Laksa. Char Siew. You Tiao. Shlurp. Everything tasted fabulous! Laksa was great, as usual. But 2nd in line to the Katong laksa sold in Holland Village, cockles galore and sinful gravy! *gleeful grin* Ooh. And my mum bought a tingkat of black sesame paste too! Ahhhhhh.... I love Chinatown's black sesame paste. Have always associated the place with black sesame paste, been eating it there since I was small! Pity that the stall we buy it from only opens in the day. Which explains why I couldn't find it when I popped by the area with friends for dinner sometime back. Mmmm... Think I'll go indulge in the black sesame goodness that awaits. Haha... =p

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