Thursday, May 15, 2003

Totally, SO totally, enjoyed myself today. Went down to Siloso beach at Sentosa with a bunch of JC friends. *grin* Let's see... I learnt how to play volleyball AND frisbee. Great fun! We basically spent the whole day at the beach, and even though we didn't have much of a definite itinerary for the day, the company was what REALLY counted. Haven't met up with the whole bunch of them for ages... And being out in the open again, a change from being stuck at home or indoors for that matter, superbly refreshing. =) Hehe, this is definitely a break away from the usual meet-for-lunch/dinner/then-movie thing. I'm fine with those kind of get-togethers, it's just that it gets so stale and stagnant after a while, with little to do after the meal and all. Now today, in my honest opinion, was a much better way of spending time with friends. Heh.

Persis met with a slight mishap earlier in the day though, a fault of mine, and then another! Really sorry about that, girl. Promise I shall stay far far away from you when you decide to lie on the sand next time... *rueful smile* Rather roasted from all that exposure to the sun though (Bright and sunny day, no rain at all. Now wasn't that God-given or what?). Am now glowing with a reddish tinge. Which isn't too bad a thing, I guess, considering that I've been holed up in lecture halls and libraries for the most of last semester. All that activity (learning to hit the volleyball the right way, running around madly to catch a wayward frisbee) was fun! But definitely could have applyed sunblock more regularly. Face feels a bit raw... ow ow ow... Haha... Went home feeling tired. Comfortably tired. The sort of tiredness that fills your entire body but yet doesn't leave you feeling haggard nor irritable.

Next time someone proposes a get-together, I'm gonna suggest a trip down to East Coast to kayak/canoe or something. Heck. Or maybe even back to Sentosa, which only costs 2 bucks now to enter anyway. And bring along a volleyball. And frisbee. And SUNBLOCK. Definitely sunblock. =)

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