Monday, May 12, 2003

Unbelievable. Beat this. My mum came up to me when I was feeding Squee yesterday evening and said matter-of-factly: Why don't you keep him?

I was SHOCKED. Flabbergasted. SPEECHLESS. Dumbfounded. I mean, keep Squee? Hey, I was the one who had decided from the start that I wasn't gonna keep him, regardless of whether I could find anybody to adopt him after I've nursed him back to health. And now my mum is actually proposing that I KEEP SQUEE? Bah? No comprendo!!!

Think of the consequences. Endless bouts of hissing fits from Richie. Having to toilet train Squee proper. And with Richie's insatiable appetite, I can only imagine the grievances he'll inflict upon Squee during meal times. Or what if Squee ends up being the bully instead? Anything could happen. And just imagine two, TWO cats scheming to steal food off the table. The utter nightmare. Ugh.

I have absolutely no idea whether Squee's gonna stay for good. Only time will tell I guess...

Yvonne | 2:52 PM |
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