Wednesday, March 24, 2004

For the span of a heartbeat I was once again a 13 year old infatuated with my brother's friend. Well, what was I supposed to do? I walk through the door and he gives this half-smile (not a full smile, mind you) and that's enough to make me swoon feel sheepish. Baaaah.

Got Plaa his new home today, a $2 plastic tank. Will all fishes forgive me for all the times I've labelled them as stupid and hopeless excuses for pets? I tell you, the moment Plaa plopped into his new tank, he began swimming most excitedly about, no doubt pleased at being able to swim length-wise instead of in circles. Seems like there's a lot about fish behavior and response to learn about. But I'm annoyed at his lack of manners - after eating his pathetic fill of smelly fish food flakes, he pretends to eat up the leftovers but spits them out seconds later. *mutter mutter* Already thinking of getting water snails and maybe a small water plant to build up a mini ecosystem of sorts. Would be relaxing (and pretty cool!) to have an aquarium to stone at. But arrrgggghhh.. Must snap out of this, push the thought out of my head for now. Can't afford to think about little fishies until end April!

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