Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I promise I'll get back to work and complete my Simulation tutorial after this...

Name: M. Yvonne H.Y.F.
Birth date: 15th Dec
Current Location: School library
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Black. Or Dark brown. Depends on the lighting.
Righty or Lefty: Righty!
Zodiac Sign: *rummages for my bow and arrow*
Innie or Outtie: Huh? Innie, I guess...

What is..
Your most overused phrase on AIM: Don't use AIM.
Your thoughts first waking up: "Gotta get ready for school" or "Where's that snooze alarm switch".
The first feature you notice in someone you're attracted to: Eyes
Your bedtime: Used to be 11-ish. It's getting worryingly later.

I see: Students with laptops scattered about the library.
I need: To get away from it all.
I find: Richie simply adorable.
I want: Someone to hang out with Fulfilled.
I have: Wasted a lot of time.
I wish: I had the guts to uproot myself to chase my dreams.
I love: Rojak and popiah.
I hate: People who go back on their word.
I miss: The JC days
I fear: The wrath of higher authorities
I feel: Blah
I hear: Someone sneezing in the background.
I crave: Snyder's Of Hanover Chedder Cheese flavored sourdough hard pretzels
I Search: For the path of life that God has planned for me.
I wonder: Where I'll be in 20 years time
I regret: Having not been more prepared to meet uni life head on.

When was the last time you . .
Smiled?: When Candice came over to join me in the lib
Laughed?: Ditto. We always end up laughing over the most ridiculous things
Cried?: *thinks* Been quite a while.
Bought something?: Does lunch count?
Danced?: *grins* Well... Funny you should ask.
Were sarcastic?: Prob a few days back.
Talked to an ex?: Ex-what?
Had a nightmare?: Haven't dreamt for a really long time.

Last movie you saw: Big Fish
Last song you heard: Embracable You by Emile Pandolfi
Last thing you had to drink: Water outta my Tackle Tank.
Last time you showered: This morning.
Last thing you ate: Lime Mint Mentos Cool Chews

Do you . .
Smoke?: My way out of trouble, yes.
Do drugs?: No.
Sleep with stuffed animals?: One 16 year old Pound Puppy.
Live in the moment?: Not always.
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Nope.
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: Nope.
Play an instrument?: The guitar, though at a shamefully amateurish level. Oh, I know how to create a racket on the piano too.
Believe there is life on other planets?: Perhaps. We don't know yet.
Read the newspaper?: Every morning.
Believe in miracles?: Yes.
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: Yes.
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: No.
Consider love a mistake?: No.
Believe in God?: Yes.
Pray?: Something I ought to do more.
Go to church?: Every Sunday.
Have any secrets?: Sure I do.
Have any pets: At present, a 9 year old cat and a parrot named Happy.
Do well in school?: *bursts out laughing* Good one. Let's move on.
Go to or plan to go to college?: In one.
Talk to strangers who instant message you?: Only if I think it's worth replying.
Wear hats?: On this island?!
Have any piercings?: Ears.
Have any tattoos?: No.
Hate yourself?: Sometimes.
Have an obsession?: Urm...
Collect anything?: As a kid, stickers & erasers. I have now moved on to collecting memories.
Have a best friend?: I wouldn't say I do.
Wish on stars?: Nope. I wish FOR stars.
Like your handwriting?: I can live with it.
Have any bad habits?: Procrastination.
Pepsi or Coke: Coke.
McDonald's or Burger King: Burger King, DUH.
Single or group dates?: Depends.
Adidas or Nike: Adidas.
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton?
Chocolate or Vanilla: I'm female. What do you think.
Cappucino or coffee: Doesn't matter, so long as it's good stuff.
Boxers or briefs: N/A?!

Do you . .
Cuss: No
Sing well: No
Take a shower everyday: YES
Have a crush(es): *blushes*
Has anyone been in love with you: I really have no idea.
Want to go to college: Inasmuch as I grumble about it, it's still a 'Yes'.
Like high school: Yup.
Want to get married: Let's see what's ahead first now, shall we...
Type w/ your fingers on the right keys?: *beams* Yup!
Believe in yourself: That I can take over the world?
Have motion sickness: Thankfully that's not a problem.

In the past month , did/have you . .
Drank alcohol: Nope.
Smoke(d): NOPE.
Done a drug: NO.
Go to the mall?: *sighs* Remind me what a mall is?
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: Heck, NO.
Eaten sushi: Mmmmm... Yes.
Been on stage: Yup. And no, I didn't make a fool out of myself there.
Gone skating: Not yet.
Made homemade cookies: I'm proud to say, YES. :p
Gone skinny dipping: ?! Do penguins live in the North Pole??
Dyed your hair: Nope.
Stolen anything: Not intentionally.
Played a game that required removal of clothing?: Do polar bears live in the South Pole??
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: No.
Been caught "doing something": "Doing something" I shouldn't have been doing, yes. Like rummaging for snacks before dinner.
Been called a tease: I tease people, does that make me a tease?

Ok. Back to work I go.

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