Sunday, March 21, 2004

The ink from my coloured ink cartridge finally decided to fade out into oblivion. So I just changed it. Funny how much more 'interesting' my entries are becoming these days.

Someone shared about her encounter with a pervert on a bus. Glad that she worked up the courage to turn around and say "Excuse me, what are YOU doing?" to that *bleep*, even though she must have been really freaked out. The rest of us were joking that next time a guy next to you tries anything funny, whip out a sharp object and align it at the right angle, just before he begins another round of perverse doings. It's always one thing to hear it from someone else's personal encounter though, and another to go through it yourself. God forbid that it should happen, but give me the strength to deal with it if it does. And make that guy wish he'd never met me on that unfateful day.

It's been so long since I've been rostered to play the acoustic guitar for service. Worship band pract today reminded me of how much I can enjoy playing the guitar. Still ever frustrating that my skill level is only so-so till this day... No small wonder though. But a good sound check always does wonders for my esteem, and today's sound check was good. =) "Jesus, You are the Savior of my soul, and forever and ever I'll give, my praises to You..." twang twang twang twang twang Must learn to be agressively passive!!! What I mean is, to strum less, but to make 'em count. Heh. =p

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