Thursday, March 11, 2004

A laboratory working environment would kill me. So would a working environment that has corridors, cubicles, desks, and computers.

I can assure you that I'd sooner be happier being locked up in an enclosure with a gorilla.

Side note: The guy in charge of my bio lab module's mini-project group, he's from China. And he speaks like a cross between a robot and a Sesame Street muppet. It's difficult to describe, but I was laughing quietly to myself as he explained the concepts to us. Imagine a muppet talking about spermatogenesis. Makes it worse when he drawls at certain words (in an attempt to emphasise key points, I suppose)... Wrong. It's so wrong. =p

Sigh. Have to haul myself back to the lab in 20 minutes, when the agarose gel would have finished running...

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