Friday, March 12, 2004

One of the lecturers for my Molecular Biology laboratory module sets online quizzes that count towards our Common Assessments in the form of bonus points. First quiz was such a toughie, few actually scored more than 5 out of 10 marks. The second however... Only required one to source the net for the answers, with a bit of thinkng on our part. Such a happy one was I, that I stupidly clicked on the "Save and resume later" instead of the "Submit answers" button after filling them in.

To cut a long story short, the results were emailed back to us. I scored 0, which confirmed my uneasy feeling about the quiz. Emailed the lecturer, N. Lehming, to explain my situation and to seek his aid in salvaging my quiz answers (if that was even possible).

Sir, forgive me for all the times I've ranted about your boring lectures. Surely you've shown much kindness to me today, despite the obvious carelessness on my part. Not that I think you'd ever read this anyhow. The chances are about as high as me being locked up in an enclosure with a gorilla.

Have any of you guys actually TOUCHED an iPod? That little white gadget is SO cool. I never knew the circular pad was actually a touch-sensitive jog dial!!! Sigh. I want.

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