Saturday, April 17, 2004

Spider webs spun and scattered along a grass bank, visible in the evening sun. A dead lizard on the pavement. Today was definitely one of those rare breath-taking days filled with glorious sights. Well, 2. Ok ok, 1 then. Most ppl wouldn't count the dead lizard. The spider webs were most certainly a sight to marvel at though, I didn't notice them until Rachel pointed them out to me - they look like wispy threads of cotton entangled between the stalks of grass, until one bends down for a closer look to discover a spider residing on each of those fluffy patches. And then looking up to realise that the entire stretch of grass was covered with the webs. Feels silly having not noticed them before, but there's a perfectly reasonable explaination for that: They'll only show up clearly in morning/evening sun!

Had yummy Nasi Lemak at the market next to Glutton's Square. Mmmm... =p Saw a tortoise shell cat on my way there. It was sleeping in the most amusing manner - standard loaf position, but with its head buried into its paws. It looked like it was praying, haha!

My dad just got back from China today... And being the dear, caring sort of father he is, he bought stuff for me during the trip. I appreciate the thought lots, really! I'm honestly touched! But... *cringe* the sling bag (think Louis Vuitton leather texture and print, gold zips..??!) is SO NOT what I'll be caught dead in. Nor the sparkly silver hair barrettes....! Eek eek eek. Sigh. Now what am I supposed to do with these new treasures of mine...??

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