Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Well, that sums up today's mood quite accurately. Simulation paper was at 1700 hrs and I was already in the library by 0930 hrs, with plans to do some last minute learning for the most dreaded paper of all (yes, even more than the other programming module I'm taking this sem). Skimmed through tutorial solutions and past-year papers, had lunch, and 'cos I was feeling wretched (and a little woozy), decided to drown my sorrows with a can of coffee. A very unintelligent move, but more on that later. After some half-hearted post-lunch attempts to pick up the lecture notes, scooted off to the computer lab to play Yahoo Graffiti. Yes, only little ol' deplorable me could have been capable of THAT!

1630 hrs came and I had to get myself out of the library and to the exam venue in the Science fac. Everything seemed monotonous and blah, myself included. Until the paper started. It felt like there was a mischievous imp in my mind threatening to explode into fireworks or something. Hands were mildly shaky, and my muscles were in a tense "fight or flight" state. Not that it really affected my actual reasoning capabilites I suppose, but feeling jumpy all over isn't something you'd desire during a paper itself!

And yes, the effect didn't wear off even till after dinner. Who was I kidding when I stayed back in the library till closing time to get some more revision done, eh? *shakes head* Man, if only caffeine always works as well as it did today. Sure, it could have been an added effect to my already apprehensive state, but talk about backfiring. =p

All said and done, as like the other programming exam, think I'll be able to pass the paper itself. But they only account towards 60% of the final grade. Despite this semester's nightmare, I still do think C programming is a cool subject. And a humbling one at that. Honour goes to Him who's always faithful, for the fact that I sat through both papers without coming out a trembling mass of weepy nerves. And thanks to those who've been keeping me in prayer!

2 down, 2 more to go. Whoo!

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