Thursday, May 13, 2004

Let's see... what did I do today? Oh yes. Fell asleep on the bus back home and walked back in a half-dazed state and took the lift up. When I got out of the lift and walked up the stairs, was thinking to myself (in spite of the hazy state my mind was in) that the family on the 19th floor sure had a sudden proliferation of potted plants outside their flat, making their area look almost Amazonian in nature. Kept trudging up and up and up, and thought, 'Hey, someone's put a new incense bin here. And oh, looks like that family bought a new shoe rack. Strange, and this one removed theirs...'.

It took me quite a while to realise I'd gotten off on the 11th storey instead of the 19th as I'd intended to. *mutter mutter, those morons who got in the lift with me must have pressed 11 when they actually got off at the 6th and I happily walked out thinking it was the 19th*

Think I realised my boo boo only when I'd reached the 14th storey. Really wanted to take the lift up from there but both were heading down and the prospect of waiting bored me. So I climbed up the rest of the stairs. I live on the 22nd storey so you do the math. Gargh.

Ah, but what was I doing outside today? Bummed in the glorious comfort of Orchard Library, reading a trashy Her World magazine whilst listening to jazz at one of the audio stations provided, before meeting up with Polar Bear and Sheep. After a bit of shopping, we went back to Sheep's new place and whipped up our own dinner - curry Maggi Mee, spicy pork cubes (both cooked by Polar Bear), Yakitori meat sticks (bought), and corn (nicely steamed and buttered but we were so stuffed that it wasn't touched in the end). Haha, yes, nothing spectacular to crow over, but the whole cook-dinner-with-friends thing was fun in itself. =p (Ok Joel, you may begin to gloat if you must). And that was my day.

Tomorrow, I go clean and pack that bookshelf that holds my academic stuff, i.e. lecture notes, textbooks, files, etc.

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