Sunday, May 02, 2004

Remember the revamp I was talking about exactly one week ago? Voila.

The Old
One really cluttered bookshelf located in the middle of the room; a chipboard desk that's served me since secondary school; bookshelves along wall; horribly small space to work in.

Out with the old... in with the new...
Put together my new Ikea drawer with some help and directions from my dad; Oreo, Marie, and Plopper; New glass top desk that arrived on Thurs; Bookshelf moved to the wall

The New
My new workspace!

Admittedly things are still a bit messy - a few stacks of unsorted clutter on the floor, plus I'll need to swop the order of the 2 bookshelves to free up some more space. But the main layout's been settled and I can see the window in full view when my head's on the pillow. And the cool thing is that I can now choose to use my bed as a seat and do my work while still at the desk, although that wouldn't be very wise! =p

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