Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Well I'm back, safe and sound! Being in Bintan with my Bible study group was pretty fun and relaxing - as enjoyable as last Saturday's retreat to JB, but in a different way altogether.

The 10 of us stayed at the Bintan Lagoon Golf & Beach resort, with an entire 4 bedroom bungalow (which also included 3 toilets, kitchen, dining room, living room, and even a utility room, beat that!) that came with a 4-seater buggy to call our own. Coolness.

We unpacked our stuff before heading off to the swimming pools. First up on the fun-list was the water slide (talk about creating a big splash, hehe). After which we pattered off to another pool that boasted a bar that you could swim up to and chill out at without even leaving the water. Took numerous sips of a Pina Colada (addictive), Magarita (punchy), and Long Island Iced Tea (strong). Alcohol does not make me look good. My whole face turns red, and I think I might be of the sleepy drunk sort - found myself talking slower and taking more time to process my thoughts as we headed back to our bungalow for dinner, but the effect wore off soon enough. (Whew!)

Prayer vigil was held on the first night of our stay, and it was a good time of reaffirming our commitment to God. And wow wee, I actually stayed awake! After breakfast the next morning, we had a session of worship before dispersing to do our personal retreats within the resort grounds.

The afternoon was left free and easy, and I spent that playing volleyball (mostly just making half-hearted attempts at bashing my lower arms at the merciless ball), frisbee (running after the frisbee, more like it..), and... going for a ride on a Banana Boat. (A what?!) You read right - A Banana Boat. It's basically a huge pencil-shaped float that can seat up to 6 people. You hold on to the straps attached to it, and a speed boat tows the entire contraption along the sea, or so I was told. Until I tried it. It's totally wicked, almost like riding a bucking horse as the banana boat bounces along the waves at a thrilling speed. And all you have between staying seated and falling off into the big big sea are the straps which everyone held on for dear life. But I'll elaborate more on that when I post photos later. =p

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