Friday, June 18, 2004

Whee! Finally got most of the Bintan photos:

Adrian: I left my *****s behind!!!
Setting off to Bintan on a sadly dingy boat. No, not dinghy. Dingy.

See the buggy? Buggy buggy buggy!
Welcome to Buganvil 29 - Our residence over the next 3 days and 2 nights.

Watch out for your behind!
At the water slides: Yiting looks sick. Adrian doesn't look like he's going to help her feel any better.

Better keep a close eye on the noodles, else the guys...
Dinner on the first night: Maggi Mee with a variety of side dishes, like hotdogs, crabmeat sticks, and boiled peanuts. Hey, we were on a tight budget.

Our Father who art in heaven...
Prayer vigil. And I wonder who was the sneaky one who caught this on camera. Certainly wasn't me!

Feet up!
Sun, sand, and sea. Ahhhh.

Who are you to God? And who is God to you?
Shhh. Personal retreat in progress.

Thinking. I'm thinking.
Deep-in-thought self-portrait.

Lifejackets make you look... puffed up.
All "high" and dry, ready to take on the banana boat.

And off we go!

Again, again!
Pulling ourselves together and waving to the camera after being thrown off a second (and last) time.

I chopped the onions for the sauce!
Dinner #2. A more substantial meal of spaghetti bolognaise. Hee.

A bird? A plane..?
Post-dinner games - getting to know each other's not-so-dirty little secrets.

One on a sugar high and the rest in a slump
Everyone's tired after a day of reflection, games, and running about.

Footprints? Footprints.
Exclusively made by the entire PCM.

Adrian claiming victory over... a man-made rock. Right.

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
It rained on the day we departed, but not before a frenzy to take group photos at the beach.

Homeward bound
And we got a much nicer ferry to take us back to sunny lil' S'pore. Yay!

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