Sunday, July 25, 2004

... And So, Let It Be.

We had fun swapping jewellery today, Mum and I. Well, at least I did. But shouldn't think Mum found the whole experience agonising! Does it spell the 'coming of age' when a daughter begins taking to her mother's tastes? Oh, had lunch at this roadside stall in Chinatown - very nice century egg porridge and dim sum. 2 could eat their fill for under $15 I think, not bad considering that you pay through your nose if you eat dim sum in a restaurant. Played for svc today and despite the brou-haha that happened before Sat's pract, God kept me in one piece and the worship set went smoothly. If this entry doesn't seem like it's going anywhere (or rather, I'm relaying the order of events backwards with no aim or point to make), it's cos my mind's in a whirl and I feel like secluding myself again. I feel... Sad. Yet even as I type, the cloud lifts and I'm not sure why. School's gonna start soon enough, looking forward to it with some hesitation (and reservations). 3 more days of (unwanted) tanning, some days will be set aside for meeting up with friends (and aquaintances). So much for pre-semester study plans. Will need some time alone to breathe, think, and seek.

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