Saturday, August 28, 2004


Yesterday was the last Friday of the month. And what happens on every last Friday of the month? Parousia performs LIVE at The Third Place, that's what! Yesterday also marked their 2nd album release, an EP with 4 of their own compositions. Verdict? It's Parousia. They rock. I'll leave the eminent music critique, JK (who is at the very moment based Down Under) to do a proper write up on them when he recieves the goods. *poke* You will, right? :p

Anyway, their performance was a blast (as always), with a full band to boot. The place was packed with lotsa young punks, and I really mean YOUNG PUNKS, all dressed in black, who couldn't have been older than secondary school kids. Most were there to give their support to the 3 "opening" bands - aspiring musicians given an opportunity to get some stage experience while they continue to hone their skills. I'm rather surprised that in the midst of all the heavy R&B, Rap, Bling-Bling MTV culture, there are still numerous punk band-wannabes amongst the youth. Guess it must be a form of releasing that teenage angst for them. Sigh. So much screaming! There was this young punk-wannabe who at first glance (and many more thereafter) looked like the bashful, bookish sort with his spectacles and baby fat. So excuse my stereotyping, but he fitted the typical ACS(i) BB boy image right down to a T. Until he started screaming into the mike. -.-" And why is it when these punk-wannabes sing about love (requited love, mind you), they sound as though they are singing about death?! *shrugs* Oh well.

Beware. There's more than what meets the eye.

1: Retro Punk 2: REALLY Young Punk 3: Drummer Punk 4: REAL Punk 5: Innocent-looking Punk

L-R: Lloyd, Sonny, Jeff, and Caleb. Drummer (hidden from view) from Starfish

Rejoice in the Lord always. And again I say rejoice!

Did I ever mention that their energy level on stage is highly infectious? Well it is. Couple that with excellent musicianship and you get a heckuva band. Pity that they concede to getting old, declining pleas for an encore after their set! Well, that's about it. I bought a copy of their EP (for myself), so if anyone wants to borrow it, ask me. Or (as Joel would suggest) you could go buy your own copy. Or... you could just ask me. Heh. =)

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