Friday, August 13, 2004

Trekked to school to home and back to school again for literally no reason in the end today. All because I thought it'll be nice to be NICE and help out a certain individual-who-shall-not-be-named but nooooo. *mutter mutter* Wait till I see you on campus, I'll ZAP you into oblivion, you... Oh wait, isn't today Friday the 13th? Yes. I just realised. Brill. I don't buy into this kind of thing though, only a passing thought.

Mmmmm... I've also realised that CHERRIES are really yummy. Having been decieved by the unpalatable taste of cherry-flavoured foodstuff, I'd sworn off even touching the real thing. Until now. Fresh CHERRIES rock. Best eaten chilled on a warm day. Just don't flash a toothy grin at yourself in the mirror when eating them. Scary. Anyway, it's extremely odd that fruit-flavoured food rarely taste like their original counterparts. Sigh... Tired after a high from goodness-knows-what.

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