Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Loud Hailer

I give my approval.

Cool, eh? I'll let you in on something: It looks even better on a T-shirt. A black T-shirt.

Ah, but where can you get yourself a T-shirt like that? By visiting! (Go on, check it out!) *huge grin*

I've seen the shirts myself, and boy am I impressed. Have bought a retro-looking one for myself already, pity that particular design's not up on their webpage yet. Hope the TTB youth leaders will give the go ahead for them to come set up shop in church on one of these Sundays.

So anyway, school's all fine and dandy. Totally enjoyed the 4 days of recess (yes, even though it was only 4 days. Way to go, NUS.), what with binging at Suki sushi, tasting the most heavenly ice-cream at The Daily Scoop (41 Sunset Way, #01-04 Clementi Arcade, ask for their Unusually Apple), and going for a f.o.c. jazz concert to end it all. Heh. And so it's halfway into the first week of the second half of the semester (pauses to catch my breath) and project deadlines are looming close. That and a test, tuition, and a party this Saturday. Dang. Well, one thing at a time, as always. (Sorry Del, I know I've neglected you for months. Bear with me a little while more ya?) Speaking of which, just laid hands on the piano today. Had the impulse to play a few pieces upon returning from school. It's been ages and my fingers betrayed me. Sigh. I think I've only come to 'feel' the music that I play now. *grumps* Piano practice at age 13 was nothing more than mere ritualistic scurrying of fingers across monochrome blocks of wood.

Ok, work beckons. In the meantime,

This screams RETRO. I like.

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