Friday, December 03, 2004


Existence : Your sweet voice : It's a good day : I'm not ashamed : Wait.

Day started off most horribly. I don't know if I need space to breathe or to just surround myself with people and block things out. Things picked up as I dissected some more terrapins and went for a meeting - will need to design name tags for my group by Sunday. Returned to the lab to saw up a whole lot of terrapins (24!) for future dissections, at least there was WS to split up the workload with. Get kinda nervous when I've to use the electric saw, I'm no power tool junkie after all, what with the debris flying everywhere and the occasional jerk when the blade comes in contact with a limb.

There was this most paradoxical moment when a buttercup-yellow butterfly came fluttering around the 2 of us and the small pool of blood forming below our "workstation". Urgh.


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