Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Like A Child

What are some antonyms of the word "forthright" again? Oh right. Insincere, evasive, and deceit, just to name a few.

I hate deception with intense vehemence. (Which would possibly explain the long-running enmity between me and my sibling, who however is not the basis for this rant of a post)

I can swallow ill manners (read: insolence) far better than fibs. Don't get me wrong, uncivil behavior I certainly do not condone. Woe on the individual who disregards even some basic respect for his elders. But to a certain extent I salute the fella who will not put up a facade of benevolance for the sake of appearances, more usually than not, his own.

But back to deception. The abhorrence of it underlies my intolerance of obsequiousness, even lip-service (yes, so now you know), and probably a thousand and one other little deeds that reek of it. An angry word would sting me less than the knowledge of having my trust in a person displaced.

I've been described as somewhat "child-like" before. Whether in behavior, mentality, or simply the way I carry myself, they never elucidated. But maybe that's why I get so beaten up by deception. Because I probably trust others as would a child. Those whom I've opened my heart up to, anyway.

Purpose of this post? Nothing whatsoever. I just needed to rant.

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