Friday, April 29, 2005

Fare thee well

It only just dawned upon me 1.5 hours after the Ecology paper - That was it. The last biology-related module in NUS I'm ever to be examined for. So what if Thai 2 still awaits me this coming Thursday. Who cares about Postwar Japanese Film and Anime on June 14th? I'm through with the core modules that make up my degree requirements, and I'm not exactly whooping for joy over it. Oh well. Inasmuch as I yearn to learn more about animal behavior, their physiology, and their habitats in greater depth, 3 years in university has proved me to be no academic. Independent research? Pouring over journals? Statistical analysis? Fawgeddabawdit. (Ok, let's not forget about my CAP either.) I'll cuddle up on the couch with Gerald Durrell books when I'm 80 to make up for it.

Sunset @ Central Library

And so. Before I ramble on with meaningless musings and forget about the fact that I'm NOT through with the exams (or school!) yet... till then!

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