Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I am extremely concerned.

But first, a note of thanksgiving. Thai 2 oral exam this morning. IMHO, it turned out better than for Thai 1, though we didn't stick closely to the given scenario. *whoops* But suffice to say, I wasn't a nervous wreck.

On a side note: Surprise, surprise, Khruu Nuu was one of the 2 examiners. Always thought there'd be at least 3 teachers in the room to prevent your own teacher from examining you. Oh well, not that I'm complaining!

What would you do for a fish whom you suspect is suffering from severe constipation? The bottom of Plaa's tank looks far cleaner than expected - for one that has not had its water changed for 3 weeks... And his tummy's swollen. Bleah. He's still eating and swimming... and eating... and swimming... But there sure has to be a limit to the amount of crap one can withhold indefinitely. =/

I is coming down with a mild flu bug.

I is horrified. Please let this not be what I think it's turning out to be, but let it be a figment of my narcisstic imagination instead.

I is thinking that I should be reading some notes now.

I is going going gone.

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