Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Project presentation went pretty well today, in spite of the (admittedly) dry middle part which must have bored the class to bits 'cos we spotted a number doing the word search in our handout. But yay, it's over! And whaddya know, they actually chuckled at the parody. I am so sick of Country Road right now.

My dad is... like how sweet. He actually borrowed 4 learn-how-play-the-guitar DVDs from the public library for me. They are all for utter beginners though (Guitar for Absolute Beginners, Getting Started On Acoustic Guitar), so I can pretty much skip everything save for the - Waitaminute. Does he think I'm really that bad at the guitar? But still, awwwwww. Oh. There's one that teaches you how to play jazz guitar. Write-up on the back of the case as follows: From the very start you will learn the II-V-I progression, diatonic substition, altered dominants... *zap* Uh oh. Major brain fuse. I've always hated music theory ever since I was a kid. Looks like it's time to change that mindset. Heh. =p

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