Monday, November 28, 2005


Everytime somebody pipped up with a "Haha, she's a cat-lover!", I'd be quick to turn to the respective party and drolly reply, "No, I'm an animal-lover". I didn't like the idea of being pigeon-holed to only one furry creature when I do so appreciate most other kinds of living things. It didn't feel really swell either to be often described as cat-like, be it my personality or even my features (And I still strongly disagree on that point. I do not physically resemble a cat whatsoever! Hmph.) Descriptions associated with felines are stereotypically never... positive. I mean, catty just brings to mind stuff like spit, hiss, or will dig claws into your eyes at a moment's notice. But short-comings are short-comings nonetheless, and I've slowly come to recognise the semblence of truth in certain associations.

Warning: In returning to the main topic of cats, picture heavy post ahead. I found the whole lot online. Continue scrolling down and be (hopefully) mesmerised.

Addenum: Try imagining The Blue Danube playing in the background!

The humans are gone...

Let the fun begin!

Beat this!

And this!



219... 220... keep it going...


I hear footsteps...


Oh yes, go ahead and call me a cat-lover. How can anyone possibly resist these haughty, megalomaniacal, but ever-so-hilarious things? *grin* I'm already entertaining the idea of me in 60 years or so, as a single old lady living in an apartment with 101 cats. Oh, and who probably keeps a lace hanky in her purse. Bwahahahaha.

Ok. I'm KIDDING. A hundred and one cats would be overkill. Besides, think about the mess. I'll keep it down to 2. Or maybe 3. =p

Yvonne | 1:37 PM |
way cute. :) catnip, anyone?
buttercup does the bounce off the wall thing. Like the one in Matrix. In US, they call it chin-surfing... Buttercup like to bounce off the sides of the cage to the other side.. athlete...
oh yes, the picture of the cat with all their four paws reminded of this mouse (INTRUDER!!) in my kitchen who was attempting to jump up the window and missed... it would have been funny if the mouse didn't land in my side of the house..and the mouse sent bothe me n my sis screaming ouot of the kitchen. I need PESTBUSTERS!
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