Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Sometimes it hits me so strongly, I wonder why I even bother trying to deny it. Then I automatically tumble into the abyss of doubt and cynicism and everything-else-that-could-serve-to-dissolve-its-credibility. Then I go back to denying and suppressing and shoving it into a nondescript garbage bag and afterwards burying it somewhere in my mind so that I can continue with the sad little life I try to lead. And I do a pretty good job at burying it. Neatly at that. It has ever remained unnoticed and forgotten for weeks on end, until God decides it'd be rather funny to toss it out into the open again just to see how I'd react. Maybe I'll see things through His sense of humour 20 years down the road, but as of now, it's just a really sick joke that I wish He'd stop plaguing me with. Actually, I can't help but cough out a chortle of amused exasperation when it happens, but the amused portion wilts pretty fast. Enough. I don't need any of this. I can totally relate to the desire for the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind under these circumstances. Here. Take everything away - you can have the fond memories too. They seem to be discolouring and say... aren't those dings that I see on them?


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