Sunday, July 02, 2006

random thoughts

If the concept of a "chilly tone" could be made literal, someone out there ought to be getting severe frostbite at this moment.

It was very windy today. Unusual.

Floorball's kinda fun. Even though I nearly got killed by a flying ball - a clear sign that God IS my protector (and I say this only half in jest).

A sense of release from certain chains (finally!), but that doesn't mean life has become any simpler, simplicity being what I had been yearning for. On contraire, it has in all likelihood taken a sharp swerve into Complex-ville. I frown and shake a resentful fist at thee, Growing Up.

A few chains snapped off, and a couple more shackled on.

Nagging voices of despair, be gone!

Yvonne | 10:18 PM |
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