Friday, April 06, 2007

Pre-Trip Rambles

Boss says Hanoi is 18 degrees celsius! I wonder if those in the first group are waiting to kill me for telling them to expect 22 c - 33 c instead.... *gulp*

Well... I suppose I shall find out tomorrow night...?

Still upbeat about going to Vietnam though. :) Updated the songs in the mp3 player, and chucked some books in the bag to read in anticipation of the 3.5 hr plane journey. Gonna be taking a cruise on Halong Bay - Hoping real hard for the weather to be photo-friendly then!!! Apart from that, if arrangements allow for it, I might attend Easter service in a (catholic?) church. Tres cool.


Shout out to Rachel: Oh, I didn't have the chance to wish you bon voyage for your trip to those 2 islands (what were their names again?), but sure looking forward to having u back again mid-April!!! :)

Yvonne | 12:40 AM |
so how was it? didja get that mail-order bride for shaun?
Haha, naw didn't find any :p Trip was personally, a much appreciated break from the office environment. I like exploring new places, I really do! :) Hanoi air's pretty polluted though, so a day in the city left me feeling a bit like a dustball at the end of it...
haha. dustballs... welcome to my world =P
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